About GigaLaw.com

GigaLaw.com was created by attorney Doug Isenberg in January 2000. The website’s “Daily News” — hand-picked news clips compiled by Doug almost every weekday for 13 years — has chronicled the most important and interesting developments in Internet and technology law.  A modernized version of GigaLaw.com, streamlined to focus on Daily News, was launched in January 2010, offering easy access to more than 5,000 news clips from the past four years. The site is still updated nearly daily.

GigaLaw.com has received many awards and recognitions, including:

  • 5-stars (highest possible rating) — The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web (American Lawyer Media)
  • One of the “best data resources on the Web”PC World
  • Website of the week”Legal Times
  • Exceptional”The Internet Lawyer

What is “GigaLaw” ?

The word “GigaLaw” is not in any dictionary, but it is a widely recognized phrase coined by attorney Doug Isenberg that signifies intellectual property, technology and Internet law.

Literally, “giga” is a prefix that means 1 billion; it is commonly used to describe the capacity of high-tech devices — such as the speed of computer processors (“gigahertz”) or the storage capacity of computer hard drives (“gigabytes”).

Doug created the term “GigaLaw” in 2000 when he launched the award-winning website known simply as GigaLaw.com. Since then, Doug has written a highly praised book titled The GigaLaw Guide to Internet Law (published by Random House) and launched The GigaLaw Firm, a law firm that provides legal services to clients with intellectual property, technology and Internet legal needs.

Doug’s original use of the word “GigaLaw” is protected by a federal trademark registration in the United States (Reg. No. 2,451,901).